2014 Year in Review

2014 was the first year of a three-year strategic plan prioritizing several areas to focus our efforts: Quality of Life, Education and the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. There were 35 grants awarded totaling $11,989,548, and two $1,000,000 grants previously awarded and which met contingency requirements. The total amount paid in 2014 for grants awarded or disbursed was $13,989,548.


Core Organizations

The Foundation awarded 12 grants to a diverse group of organizations in the civic, cultural and human services focus areas reflecting the intent to support core organizations in the community. A grant of $1,500,000 to the Healing Place was the largest, followed by $1,000,000 for the Louisville Zoo and the final payment of $1,000,000 to the Speed Museum. Total granted was $4,423,298.

Economic Development

The Foundation’s largest and most significant investment was to Simmons College totaling $3,000,000 between two focus areas in the strategic plan; economic development ($1,700,000) and education ($1,300,000). This grant was one of four focused on West Louisville revitalization. Others included Olmsted Parks, Seed Capital and the Louisville Urban League for a total of $2,451,400. An additional four grants focused on increasing regional and national competitiveness were made with the largest awarded to Jefferson Community and Technical College. There were eight grants totaling $2,984,976.


Higher Education

Higher Education Competitive Grants Program:
The Foundation funded three new grants under the higher education competitive grants program and released funds on another awarded in 2013. Kentucky Christian University, Lindsey Wilson and Morehead focused on the 21st Century Jobs initiative. Grants awarded totaled $2,397,505.

Brown Fellows Program:
Class of 2018 started with realigned program experiences to better acclimate the students to the colleges and the program. The IU Capstone report was completed for implementation to evaluate the Brown Fellows Program.

Cradle to Career

A new focus area to the strategic plan in 2014, cradle to career grants supported systemic change in the education pipeline. This portfolio included a focused gift to the Metro United Way for pre-K and out of school time and a grant to Kentuckiana Works to begin build out of the career pillar. A total of $2,655,390 was awarded to eight organizations.